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Our Company has been researching and developing antennas for 28 years. With our rich experience in the field, we have developed series of products including GPS antennas, glonass antennas, GSM antennas, Wi-Fi antennas, GPS/GSM combo antennas, FM antennas, and all kinds of connectors and cable assemblies.

These products are widely exported to Europe, the US, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia. After many years of efforts, 12 of our products have acquired national patents.


Our Expertise

We are specialized in high-frequency GPS/
GLONASS/GSM/WIFI antenna manufacturing.



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Providing outstanding services and prominent
companies to meet there desire.


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Products are imported and exported by
our company, We have an R&D team.


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We are focused to provide customers
requirement and there needs.


Global Reach

Products are widely exported to Europe, the US,
Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Australia.

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An inspired approach to quality researching and and developing antennas

JC ANTENNA CO., LTD is a national high-tech enterprise, specialized in high-frequency GPS/GLONASS/GSM/WIFI antenna manufacturing, engaged in antenna industry for 28 years.

Currently Jinchang have 13 patents, passed TS16949, ISO9001 certification. The antennas have CE and FCC certification, comply with ROHS through SGS test.


Experts with experience

Supported by 25 Engineers

We have an R&D team with 25 engineers who develop five new items every month to freshen up your options. They can complete projects in accordance with clients’ specifications within 30 days. If just a small change or improvement is needed in the present products, it will only take us 7 days to finish.

Stringent Quality Control

Raw materials are sourced from stable suppliers and are 100 percent inspected before production. Our 18 QC auditors conduct stringent inspections on our equipment, ensuring all are working properly.

International Certifications

Our operations run in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 guidelines and our products are compliant with CE and GS standards, and the RoHS Directive.


Top Quality JC Antenna Company

We, as JC Antenna Company, are a national high-tech company with 28 years of experience in the antenna sector and a focus on manufacturing high-frequency GPS/GLONASS/GSM/WIFI antennas. However, a national award for new goods, a technology innovation fund, and a national new product award were given to the products. This includes a GPS/GLONASS antenna and a GPS car antenna.

The leading supplier of top-notch antennas for numerous industries and applications is JC Antenna Manufacturers. We have built a solid reputation as a JC antenna enterprise with years of experience and skill. Therefore, we are the go-to company for companies all around the world because of our dedication to providing excellent antenna solutions.

JC Antenna Manufacturers

As JC Antenna manufacturers, we use modern manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge technologies. However, we provide a comprehensive selection of antennas, including but not restricted to satellite, broadcast, wireless communication, and vehicle antennas. As JC Antenna company, our antennas are created to specifically satisfy the needs of our customers, providing top performance and dependability.

In the rapidly changing realm of antenna technology, staying ahead is crucial. Because of this, we as JC Antenna enterprise, provide a group of talented engineers and technicians. They consistently work to develop and enhance our offerings. To guarantee that our antennas satisfy the highest standards of quality and performance, we as JC Antenna manufacturers, employ cutting-edge design methodologies and stringent testing protocols.


JC Antenna Enterprise

A well-known business that specializes in the development and manufacture of superior antennas is JC Antenna Enterprise. Therefore, we serve a variety of industries, including telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, and automotive, with a focus on innovation and excellence. Therefore, we as JC Antenna company, give dedicated to providing top-notch antenna solutions has given us a solid reputation as a reliable producer in the industry.

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Can JC Antenna Company give solutions for customized antennas?

The JC Antenna Company does focus on offering unique antenna solutions.

Which sectors does JC Antenna Manufacturer serve?

Numerous industries, including telecommunications, broadcasting, aerospace, automotive, and more, are served by JC Antenna Manufacturer.

How does JC Antenna Enterprise make sure that its antennas are of high quality?

Quality and dependability are top priorities during the antenna process at JC Antenna Enterprise.


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