The part number is listed with an X suffix because it must be tuned in the customer’s PCB.
After tuning, a fixed letter (A, B, C…) will be assigned and the customized datasheet will be made accordingly.


Preliminary Specification

Patch Antenna:JLTD1268-1568-2492S45-37-25P4X


High gain , Compact

Pin type

Customization available

Electrical Specification

Center Frequency

1268± 3.0 MHz

1568± 3.0 MHz 2492± 3.0 MHz
Return Loss @ F0

≥ 15dB

≥ 15dB

Bandwidth @ 10dB Return loss

≥6 MHz ≥ 10MHz ≥ 15MHz

Dual feed

Dual feed RHCP
Gain @ Zenith

0 dBi typ.

2dBi typ.

Ground plane

48×48 mm


50 Ω

Frequecy Temperature Coefficient

± 20 ppm/℃

Operation Temperature Range

-40 ~ +85℃

Mechanical Drawing

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